Fabien Leroux


An ordinary man for an extraordinary project

“I am Fabien Leroux, born in Guerande in 1972, Sales manager France & Key account in the pet shop sector. Swimmer and diver since the age of 8, I am specialized in scuba diving, freediving, single flipper swimming and underwater field hockey. When I was younger, I participated in 3 French championships of bi-flippers and mono flipper swimming, with several podiums in my age categories, as well as 3 French championships of subaquatic field hockey. I also participated in swimming races, like the 62 miles of the Loire or the 15 miles Amboise-Tours. I am obviously passionate about swimming and diving, and in love with the Oceans since my childhood.”

The project’s genesis

“The project of crossing the Atlantic… It is a crazy project that i have been thinking about for years. The first time was in 1995 when I saw the arrival of Guy Delage on the island of Barbados, on live on TV. I told myself that one day, it would be my turn.

On February 24, in 2018, while driving my car, I had a stroke. While I was told that I would have to stop working for 6 months, I left the hospital 4 days after my arrival. Two months later, my father died of cancer. More than ever, I was determined to carry out this huge challenge. The man I admired so much, who taught me the love of sports and nature, will be by my side when I am in the middle of the Ocean. In addition, I would like to donate half of the extra funds we will have raised from this project to the League Against Cancer.

Guy Delage crossed the Atlantic alone in 55 days, with flippers and the help of a float. Benoît Lecomte is the second person to have made this crossing exclusively by swimming, but with assistance. I will be the first man to cross the Atlantic alone in flippers and without assistance, in pure swimming.

My family is very supportive, especially my wife. But like many, I think my wife and children do not realize what it means to stay 50 days alone at sea. I am terribly excited to try such a unique experience. Why do I feel able of achieving this challenge ? For at least 70% of the crossing my mental will play an important role, for the rest I have the experience and the technique. My unfailing determination allows me to surpass myself whatever the circumstances! But above all, my greatest strength is my entourage. My family, my friends, my close relations are of an unfailing support, they boost me daily and bring me the motivation which allows me to move forward with my project.”


“Obvisouly, a good physician training is absolutely essential for this kind of adventure. I train every day, on average 45 minutes of jogging in the morning and 2 jours of swimming in the evening. Being always on the road for my work, I try to find a water spot every evening: pool, lake, pond, sea, Ocean… 6 months before the big departure, I will double the pace of my training. A professional team helps to get ready. My diet will also change, thanks to a dietician who will develop a program with a specific diet.

Beyond the physical training, the mental preparation is also essential. I am training for split sleep, like sailors who sleep with one eye open and take micro-naps which are very beneficial for recovery. I am also working on meditation techniques that are important for my survival, as they will help me not to break down physically and mentally. Finally, I am preparing myself psychologically for the sea currents and winds, with my uncle who is skipper and who is giving me all the necessary bases to adapt quickly.”