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The project of lifetime

Fabien Leroux has been passionate about swimming and water sports since his childhood. He is about to accomplish the project of a lifetime: swimming across the Atlantic Ocean alone. He will be the first man to cross the Atlantic in twin and monofin solo and without assistance, pure swimming: without a float or any buoy. Solo swimming across the Atlantic, …

What are the motivations ?

Through the sporting and mental feat, the objective is to use the hype around the project to highlight the alarming state of the Oceans. We want to make people and the youngest aware of the pollution of the Oceans, especially the plastic waste that is killing marine species at an extreme speed. With this awareness, we want people to make a concrete commitment to the ecosystems and the environment. This will result in various actions during the years 2022 and …

Why should you support us ?

We need funds for the raft, the equipment, travels, training, for the communication around the project… It is an extraordinary adventure, unique. A sporting and mental achievement to save our environment.
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You are a private individual : You can make a donation.Follow the advice to reduce consumption and pollution.Be inspired by the measures implemented in other parts of the world.You are a company : Join us as a sponsor or patron.

Every minute, 1 million plastic bottles are sold in the world. (National Consumer Institute)

Every year, 12.7 million tons of plastic are thrown into the Oceans (the equivalent of one garbage truck per minute). (Greenpeace)

According to many NGOs, the garbage kills 1.5 million animals per year in the Oceans. (Greenpeace)

In 20 years, without any action, the plastic continent will be as big as Europe. (‘Expédition 7e Continent’ association)

In the next 30 years: more plastic than fish in the Oceans. (United Nations Organization)