Fabien Leroux : The Aquaman. Nature lover and experienced swimmer who is about to take on the challenge of his life.

Mathilde Leroux : President of the Ocean Heart association

Loan Lefebvre : Project manager

Odric Persanie : Communication and logistic manager

Aude Cailleau Tahari : Communication manager

Christophe Long : Webmaster

Cyril Benoit : Photographer

Fanny Rault : Educational manager

Serge Leturque : Boat captain

François Lucas : Naval architect

Laurent Sourdille : Raft builder

Karim Achour : Physical trainer

Johann Fontaine : Osteopath

Raphaël Jallageas : Sports doctor

Wim d’Herde : Food supplement producer

Annabelle Pagano-Paoli : Sports dietician

Cyril Blanchard : Mental coach and nutritionist

Eric Karwat : Ghost-writer