Why did you choose December to cross the Atlantic ?

The sea currents and the trade winds are favorable, which reduces the storm risks and will facilitate the drift of the raft.

Do you already have the exact route of the crossing ?

Yes, the GPS and electronic pilots on board the raft will determine the route in real time. They will be connected to the rudder which will allow to keep the direction despite the currents.

Will the flippers be made for the project ?

Indeed, all the equipment is designed for the project : from the flippers to the raft, including the wetsuits. The flippers will be made to measure, in carbon and fiberglass to guarantee durability and flexibility.

How to communicate with internet users and with your family in real time ?

The raft will be equipped with a satellite phone and internet. The solar panels located on the roof of the raft will allow to have electricity continuously during the whole crossing. The social networks will be fed every day by the team.

Will there be a rescue team located near the raft to intervene in case of emergency ?

No, this is a completely solo crossing without assistance. In case of extreme emergency, a distress signal will be triggered, sending an emergency message to the nearest boat which should be rerouted to Fabien’s position.