The crossing

Swimming solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 50 days

Fabien Leroux, an experienced diver and swimmer, has set himself the challenge of swimming across the Atlantic alone. His only companion will be the raft specially made for the crossing, which will drift beside him while he swims and on which he will sleep. The boat is 14ft long and 2.5ft wide, It will drift thanks to two small propellers, on which rudders will be fixed. This will allow not to lose the cap and not to drift, as they will be plugged to and electronic GPS. Moreover, solars panels will be installed on the raft, to have constant electricity. Learn more about the raft

It is a 50 days adventure for 2435 miles. The departure will be from Cape Verde, to reach the island of Martinique. Our athlete will jump into the water on December 16, 2022. This date was chosen because the sea currents will be ideal to keep the course. The trade winds are favorable and reduce the risk of storms.

Such a feat requires significant physical and mental training. Fabien trains daily: 45 minutes to an hour of jogging and 2 hours of swimming per day. To supervise this preparation, he has surrounded himself with the best professionals in the sports and health fields. Know more about the team


During the crossing, Fabien will adapt his swimming technique according to the sea state. In calm seas, he will prefer the single flipper, while it’s more comfortable with two flippers in rough seas. The flippers have been custom-designed for this crossing, in carbon and fiberglass to maintain flexibility while ensuring optimal strength.

Concerning wetsuits, they are essential to keep the body warm. Fabien will leave with 3 wetsuits of different sizes, to prevent weight loss due to a very consequent effort every day (the equivalent of crossing the English Channel every day).


With 8 to 12 hours of swimming per day, and sequences of 4 consecutive hours, it is essential to manage his rest periods carefully. They will last 2 hours, during which Fabien can sleep and meditate, eat (protein intake according to caloric needs), keep his logbook, communicate by email or satellite phone to check on the crossing and his physical condition. Our swimmer will also have something to entertain himself with, because 50 days is a long time! From listening to music to reading on a digital tablet or watching a movie in the middle of the Ocean, Fabien should not be bored. Most of the time, he will only admire the immensity that surrounds him and enjoy the fauna and flora, so precious to him.

The most of the food will be freeze-dried meals and protein bars. It is essential to have the right caloric intake at each meal, in order to stay healthy and maintain a stable physical condition. For drinking and showering, Fabien has a desalinator, allowing to recover a high quality fresh water from the sea water only.

Safety precautions will be put in place during the crossing. The Guerande adventurer will have a satellite phone, in order to check on his health several times a day with the medical staff on land. He will also have a distress beacon to use in case of emergency. Finally, he will not forget the first-aid kit in which there will be a suture kit, pills against sea sickness and other essential medicines for his survival.


The main objective of the project is the awareness and education of the population regarding the aquatic environment pollution. Through the Atlantic Ocean crossing, we want the public to become aware of the current situation but especially that everyone can have a personal impact on the ecology and the protection of our planet. In this way, the number “30” is at the heart of our communication: in 30 years, there will be more plastic than fish in the Oceans, due to pollution. Consumers must become aware of the ecological impact they have and become eco-responsable. We must understand that we are already in the red zone… it is not tomorrow that we must act but today!

Ocean Heart is committed to raising awareness about plastic pollution through various actions: beach clean-up days, drawing contests in schools, public awareness during events (trade shows, conferences…). During Fabien’s crossing, photos and videos will be captured and published on social networks to highlight the alarming state of our Oceans. In addition, scientific data will be collected for Mete France and Ifremer.

For Fabien, another huge objective: to succeed in the crossing without assistance by overcoming his limits. He will have to surpass himself mentally and physically, for almost two months.

Film shoot

A 90 minutes film is in progress. The French production company Kokota Productions follows us throughout these months of preparation, and is ready to follow Fabien during his departure from Cape Verde and the arrival in Martinique.

Book writing

A book will be published, telling the adventure of an ordinary team carrying out an extraordinary project. Focused on Fabien Leroux, the themes addressed will be both committed and personal: plastic pollution, overfishing, his childhood by the sea, his father and sports, the project’s birth…

The aim of the book is to bring the reader alongside us so that he can live this beautiful journey, that he immerses himself in the pages and becomes aware that he can also have a personal impact on ecology and the protection of the planet.

Eric Kervat is the ghostwriter in charge of the book.

Donate to causes that are important to us

Te Mana o te Moana

Half of the extra funds raised will be donated to the association Te mana o te moana, which means “The Spirit of the Ocean”. Based in More, French Polynesia, they fight for sea turtles and Ocean protection. The donators’ generosity helps them for :

League against cancer

We want to give the other half of the extra funds raised to the League Against Cancer. Fabien’s father gave him this love for nature and taught him the sports’ values, since he was a little boy. He passed away from his second cancer in 2018, two months after our swimmer’s stroke. Bringing our support to this cause is essential for Ocean Heart. The National League against Cancer is the first French independent financer of cancer research. It is also the only actor to fight on all sides of the disease, it is important to support them to enable them to:

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